Richard is fantastic to work with! He provides great insight and perspective and takes a holistic approach to coaching. Working with him helped me clarify some of my goals and metrics for my own personal success. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for the next breakthrough in their career and life.
— Rebecca, NYC
I love working with Richard! He is an outstanding business coach who has helped improve my business and increase sales. He is genuinely curious possessing a sharp intellect, passionate and committed to helping my business grow. I highly recommend Richard to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level!
— Ed, NYC
Photo by Danny Ghitis, Brooklyn 2018

Photo by Danny Ghitis, Brooklyn 2018

Let's talk about my background, my coaching practice and especially how we can work on your goals.

I'm an experienced startup exec and entrepreneur who also has a background in large organizations (the World Bank and European Union). At my current startup, I lead business development and growth. Being coached has had an incredible impact on my career trajectory. I became a coach, via the NYU School of Professional Studies, because helping others experience that impact is something I find immensely rewarding.

When coaching, I focus completely on you and the results you seek. We’ll always be 100% on your agenda. I encourage clients to look at the systems surrounding them, how they function and how to get the most from them. We will work holistically on communication, leadership, and performance.

My objective will always be to ensure you have everything you need to get results, be that support, inspiration or accountability. Additionally, we’ll make sure you have a robust framework for monitoring the progress you are making. Together we’ll ensure that everything you do is impactful and scalable.