+ Who is coaching for?

Potentially everyone! Coaching is a practice that puts the client's agenda at the center of the work. What this means in practice is that the coaching process can be used for any goal the client brings. Many coaches specialize working with specific populations, but if you are coachable and committed to making changes, it might just be for you!

+ Is everyone coachable?

Broadly speaking coaching people share a few traits - a desire for change, honesty and enough discipline to take the actions they design (with the coach's help) for themselves. The coaching process deepens and strengthens these attributes, but if the client has no existing commitment to these aspects of their character then progress is going to be hard to come by.

+ Is coaching therapy?

It’s not. Generally speaking, therapy looks backward and helps clients resolve traumas that are limiting the client. In contrast, coaching focues future and looks to build new skills and modes of behavior.

+ How can I tell if I’m ready for coaching?

Try asking yourself the following questions: Can I be honest with myself? Do I genuinely want to create meaningful changes in some area of my life? Am I willing to do the work to create those changes?

If you believe the answer is yes to each of those questions then you are off to a good start. At that point, you should try and connect with a coach. Most coaches (including myself) offer some for sample session for you to try the experience.

+ Do I need to be in the same place as my coach?

This changes between coaches. In my practice I’m happy to work with remote clients, coaching can take place over the phone - but video conferencing works well as so much of communication is non-verbal.

+ What form do coaching engagements take?

Coaching engagements can vary in length, but personally, I like to work in a minimum of five sessions blocks. Five sessions is a good number, as it allows time for the coaching to work and the client to see results without being an open-ended engagement.

+ How can I sample the coaching experience?

Simple - submit your details here and we’ll set up a time to talk!

+ What qualifications do you need to be a coach?

Coaching is not a regulated profession, which means anyone can call themselves a coach. However, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is an industry group that works to set standards and best practices for coaching - including running a credentialing process. In my case, I follow the ICF standards and was trained at the New York University School of Professional Studies.

+ How long does it take to get results?

This is different for each client and each situation.

+ Why did you become a coach?

I’ve covered this here.