Why Coaching?

To kick off this site I wanted to share an excerpt from my admissions essay to the NYU Advanced Diploma in Coaching, where I am currently studying.

My interest in the practice of coaching comes directly from my own experiences attempting to maximize my career and life.

These days, people are presented with many challenges balancing complex careers that often lack our traditional notion of security and personal relationships, both against the backdrop of an uncertain future. Technology and social media have produced a positive impact in many people’s lives; however for others, they have created distractions and even worse envy. It’s the opportunity at the intersection of these tensions that I want to help my clients master: how to build a fulfilling career and meaningful personal relationships while enjoying all the opportunities and connections that our modern world brings.

If there is one skill in particular that I believe I bring to coaching its active listening. In every role during my career: software developer, consultant and business leader, it is a skill that has served me well - actively listening and making thoughtful inquiries to ensure clarity of understanding. My listening skills combined with my enthusiasm to help solve problems will enable me to both excel during the program as well as thrive as a coach upon completion.

Personally, I’ve benefited greatly from the support and mentorship of others. Notably by one of my managers at the World Bank, who used a variety of coaching techniques, helped me to maximize my impact on the organization. Her active mentorship transformed how I approached personal realization. It's this impact and transformation that I wish to create for others.